Girls’ weekend — sans moi

For the third time, several of my dearest friends drove anywhere from 4-7 hours to spend a weekend together. The planing started last year, a house was selected, spa appointments booked, meals assigned and a movie picked…
There are tons of stories being told, happy and sad memories are being shared. We laugh, we cry, we laugh some more. It’s a reunion of some sort, since 50% of the original 8 no longer live in NoVA, but we come together as one to treasure and celebrate our friendships.
Well, I couldn’t go. Yes, the reason seems obvious…but it hurts to not be there among my girlfriends. I had every intention of going, flying back to the USA for this long weekend, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I hate having to admit that I made a reasonable (aka boring!) decision, but I also know in my heart of hearts that I had no business traveling so soon after arriving here…too many loose ends, too much is new, too much isn’t as organized as I like it for it to be…

Angela, Brenda, Carol, Catherine, Laurie & Nancy — I love and miss you all. Have a blast — and NOTHING will keep me from GW2015!!!


Shoulders — or how to deal with permanent bikini season…

If you’ve worked out with me or maybe taken a class of mine, you know I love to concentrate on shoulders. I used to pick the hardest shoulder tracks I could find and would push my hardworking members and myself through it. Now that I’m exposed to permanent bikini season (VA friends: just shy of 4 months!!), and my BodyPump releases are somewhere between DC and CTG, I was in need for a good burn:
I had done this workout before, I loved being sore for a day or two and anticipate and look forward to it again! Try it — You’ll love the burn and hardcore!!

Guava Paste

Another Colombian Love: guava paste!! Sweet, sticky, a treat!
I has first learned of this treat called Bocadillo (make sure to NOT ask for a bocadillo in Mexico, you’ll be given small sandwiches!!) through husband man’s Spanish instructor; and basically performed a pre-sugar-high happy dance at Carulla !!


What is Guava?

I’m hooked and cannot wait to experiment with — and I know just what it will be: Bocadillo con Queso

¡Buen provecho!

Rear view mirror: week #2

Today is the 2 week anniversary – time flies when you’re having fun. Despite a few challenges and obstacles, but then don’t we experience them everywhere, we have had a lot of fun.
Trying new things, trying out new things, developing routines and adjusting to the slower pace of life.
Just like last week, 10 bullet points to describe the first two weeks in CTG:

Magical sunrises — doesn’t get old
Pool/rooftop — happy place
Bocadillos — guava jelly, a Colombian sweet treat
Taught my first BodyPump track
Set up Spanish lessons
High tide = water on the road outside my house
If you don’t know the actual name of the street, finding a restaurant is challenging
Juan Valdez — still loving it
New fruit: Patiya (see below)
Tae-Box: you and I aren’t finished yet…



To teach or not to teach…

As you (most likely) know, I’ve spent a substantial amount of the past 7++ years teaching group fitness classes and loving and living Les Mills! Getting certified in BodyStep, BodyAttack and BodyPump were some of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did it keep me fit, I was able yo build lifelong (I hope!!) friendships.
Moving to CTG meant putting my instructor career on hold, or terminate it — so I thought!! I was ecstatic when I realized the gym near my house offered BodyPump, and the voices in my head are telling me to sign back up for autoship. I’m not yet ready to listen, not yet ready to teach in Spanish, but after getting through a shoulder track yesterday (it wasn’t pretty, but then everybody followed along….), I am sensing a return to that side of the group fitness room happening (and I know, this isn’t a surprise for some of you!!)
Time will tell — and I love having lots of that right now!!

Who to cheer for?!

Something I thought about today, a glorious day for every Swiss even remotely interested in sports:
Stan won the Australian Open, Lara Gut and Didier Défago both own skiing races and the Swiss also won the European Championship in bob sledding. So all in all, a great day for my little country. Since I’m a dual citizen living in Colombia, the question arises, who to cheer for? After living in the US of A for 15++ years, I’ve realized, that when it comes to sports, I’m Swiss first, will always remain Swiss at heart. If there’s nobody from Switzerland competing, I tend to support the American athletes, emphasis on tend….when it comes to soccer for example, I do have my favorite teams, or I might support a Kenyan runner over an American…now add a third component: Colombia! The country loves soccer, so I’m sure I’ll be cheering them on this summer for the World Championship in Rio, but my sports’ heart will always beat just a bit stronger for Switzerland!!