Dos y dos — BodyPump en español

Well, we signed up for a gym today. ProFitness, which is walking distance from our temp quarters and from our apartment as well. We had made up our minds, but wanted to take one class. So off to 815am BodyPump we went.
1) first BP class in 10 days
2) being stubborn and NOT lowering the load
3) language
Taking a class in a foreign language keeps the brain engaged for sure, good thing Angel picked tracks from releases I am familiar with…but then there’s still the Spanish, or coastal language spoken here in CTG. To make a long story short, both husband man and I survived, we got a good workout and I learned a few cues en español:

Dos y dos
Corto (top/bottom halves)
Abdominales contraído

It’s a start and I’ll go back for more (BodyPump on Wednesday)!!


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