Our UAB got here this morning, how about a happy dance?!
UAB is the air shipment, the unaccompanied bags you get when moving. As a couple, we got 700lbs of UAB. What do you need within a few weeks of getting to post? Here’s what we thought we needed:
Hangers — crucial after living out of suitcases for a bit.
Towels, sheets — I prefer my own
Kitchen stuff: kettles, pans, our plates, cutlery, etc.
We also packed our tennis rackets, drying racks, office supply, paper products and all bedding. I wouldn’t include all bedding again, the bed is coming in a month, optimistically…
700lbs is more than you think, yet less than you hope for and hangers will make your life easier, and you can unpack and stow the suitcases.

Fingers crossed the arrival of our HHG will be equally successful.





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