Who to cheer for?!

Something I thought about today, a glorious day for every Swiss even remotely interested in sports:
Stan won the Australian Open, Lara Gut and Didier Défago both own skiing races and the Swiss also won the European Championship in bob sledding. So all in all, a great day for my little country. Since I’m a dual citizen living in Colombia, the question arises, who to cheer for? After living in the US of A for 15++ years, I’ve realized, that when it comes to sports, I’m Swiss first, will always remain Swiss at heart. If there’s nobody from Switzerland competing, I tend to support the American athletes, emphasis on tend….when it comes to soccer for example, I do have my favorite teams, or I might support a Kenyan runner over an American…now add a third component: Colombia! The country loves soccer, so I’m sure I’ll be cheering them on this summer for the World Championship in Rio, but my sports’ heart will always beat just a bit stronger for Switzerland!!





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