To teach or not to teach…

As you (most likely) know, I’ve spent a substantial amount of the past 7++ years teaching group fitness classes and loving and living Les Mills! Getting certified in BodyStep, BodyAttack and BodyPump were some of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did it keep me fit, I was able yo build lifelong (I hope!!) friendships.
Moving to CTG meant putting my instructor career on hold, or terminate it — so I thought!! I was ecstatic when I realized the gym near my house offered BodyPump, and the voices in my head are telling me to sign back up for autoship. I’m not yet ready to listen, not yet ready to teach in Spanish, but after getting through a shoulder track yesterday (it wasn’t pretty, but then everybody followed along….), I am sensing a return to that side of the group fitness room happening (and I know, this isn’t a surprise for some of you!!)
Time will tell — and I love having lots of that right now!!


2 thoughts on “To teach or not to teach…

  1. I am totally not surprised you’re thinking about teaching. I loved going to your classes – you put your heart into each and every one – makes it so much more ‘fun’ for student! Listen to yourself – you’ll know when you’re ready to start.

    • Thank you, Renee!! So much was what I got out of it, he friendships, the changes people made and got to experience, the successes…I’ll be ready (or not!) and when that is, I’ll make those decisions…for now, I enjoy the flexibility of NOT teaching.

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