Girls’ weekend — sans moi

For the third time, several of my dearest friends drove anywhere from 4-7 hours to spend a weekend together. The planing started last year, a house was selected, spa appointments booked, meals assigned and a movie picked…
There are tons of stories being told, happy and sad memories are being shared. We laugh, we cry, we laugh some more. It’s a reunion of some sort, since 50% of the original 8 no longer live in NoVA, but we come together as one to treasure and celebrate our friendships.
Well, I couldn’t go. Yes, the reason seems obvious…but it hurts to not be there among my girlfriends. I had every intention of going, flying back to the USA for this long weekend, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I hate having to admit that I made a reasonable (aka boring!) decision, but I also know in my heart of hearts that I had no business traveling so soon after arriving here…too many loose ends, too much is new, too much isn’t as organized as I like it for it to be…

Angela, Brenda, Carol, Catherine, Laurie & Nancy — I love and miss you all. Have a blast — and NOTHING will keep me from GW2015!!!


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