Pizza at Piola (1/31)

In our search for a Two Amy’s replacement here locally, we ventured to La Piola, located on San Martin here in Boca Grande. La Piola


We sat outside, ceiling fans make for a lovely experience (in late January, we will have to see how it is to be outside at 7pm in July or August!). We both hade lemonades (see the Yuerba Buena post from a few days ago) and pizza. Husband man ordered Pizza Grecia, I had Pizza Carbonara. Yes, just like the Pasta dish with bacon or pancetta, egg and cream. Grecia had feta cheese and olives. We both loved our pizza or pizze to be correct in Italian…
I loved the dough consistency, the dough didn’t feel too salty and the pizza wasn’t “wet”, hence backed well in the brick oven. I’m not sure if Enoteca or Piola will replace Two Amy’s, but we love what we’ve ordered thus far!


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