Spanish lesson(s)

I started my Spanish lessons yesterday!!! I’m so excited! As most of you know, I love languages, they come rather easy to me, so ideally, even at (almost!) 42, I can achieve the level of proficiency I’m hoping for!! Let’s be honest, I expect nothing but from myself!

My instructor or professor or teacher was recommended to me by two ore gals here in CTG and I’m pretty sure this will work out well. I explained to him that I cannot be taught grammar based on the english language, it causes all kinds of translation challenges in my head: English to German to French to Spanish…so all Spanish it was!! The first two hours were great, we discussed los verbos, mainly focused on regular conjugations and the use of “ser” and “estar”. If you don’t speak Spanish, there are two verbs for “to be”, which are being used differently….I don’t want to bore you with when to use which verb — email me at if you’re interested.

With the risk as outing myself as a language nerd and geek: I loved it!!! I love conjugating verbs, my homework consists of dealing with irregular verbs, let the fun begin!!


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