Uchuva (as we call it in Colombia!)

(Yes, I said “we”! I feel as if I’ve earned it after 3 weeks, but maybe the jury is still out on that…)

Anyway: after a spontaneous lunch with Aixa today, she’ll be in a future post, I couldn’t wait to go to Carulla to buy uchuvas. Let’s start with the standard link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physalis_peruviana.

The fruit has many names:
Cape Gooseberry (South Africa)
Inca Berry, Aztec Berry, Peruvian Cherry — there are more, click on the link above!


It looks like a a yellow cherry tomato, kind of, and has seeds like a tomato. But it’s sweet, a little tart, and addictive. I added it to my salad, see below, and if I wasn’t full from dinner, I think I’d be standing in the kitchen eating more versus proclaiming my love for uchuva!!



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