Rear view mirror: week #3

I’m late with my update…it’s been a busy week, but the new kind of busy!! The busy that involves cutting out time for myself, volunteering and a whole bunch of “new”!

Here are ten highlights or “things” worth mentioning:

Lovely walks along the beach and/or from Boca Grande to Castillo Grande
Piola — in search of the best pizza (see blog from 1/31)
We officially have a “domestica”: Berta, who’s one of the most sought after lady! Thrilled to have her work for us!
Boat trip — we spent a whole day surrounded by our new friends on a boat cruising from CTG to Cholón and Playa Blanca.
Lobster feast while on the boat trip


First Super Bowl in CTG (thanks for hosting, Nilde & Jeff)
First two Spanish lessons
Volunteering a full day with “Healing the Children” at La Casa de Niño
Salad, salad, salad!!
Celebrating Tiffany’s birthday at El Baluarte and Babar



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