Quebracho (2/8)

Quebracho is where we went for last Saturday’s date night.
Ranked #33 out of 296 Restaurants (really?!) in CTG, Quebracho is located in the heart of the walled city, aka el centro, la ciudad amullarada, el centro histórico. I will have to write more about the walled city in a future post.

Quebracho is an Argentinian steak house with flair, the decorations are a bit over the top (as in overwhelmingly over decorated), but that doesn’t keep us from eating and enjoying good food! And good it was! We started out with a mixed salad (we miss salad!) and eggplant Parmesan here known as berenjenas y parmesan. We both decided on beef: Vacio Steak for husband man, and Bife de Lomo for me. The meat was cooked to perfection in our eyes and the three accompanying sauces were to die for!

We have been mainly drinking the house wine, and yet again, we got lucky or chose well or got rewarded for trusting the restaurant to know what they’re offering: Trabiche Malbec was amazing and went truly well with our steaks.

We opted for a walk prior to dessert and ended up with helado from one of the numerous places in the old city.

If looking for meat, Quebracho is, in our eyes, a fabulous option!! I’ve been told the pork is to die for, might have to order that the next time we are in the mood for la comida argentina.


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