Karib (2/14)

Usually, husband man and I do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day, we don’t go to dinner or buy each other gifts, but we do exchange cards…well, not this year since we couldn’t find any! I wrote a little love message with mini Toblerone chocolates — and we went to dinner at Karib.


The original plan was to have dinner with my dear friend Aviva and her husband Alan, but the snow in Northern VA kept them from traveling, flight was cancelled! We so hope the two of them can join us for another dinner soon!

Since we already had the reservation, off to Karib we went. Karib is not in the old city, but located near the Convention Center. The restaurant is located in the Allure Chocolat Hotel, the entrance to the hotel is on Calle 24, the restaurant’s entrance is on Calle 25 or Calle Larga. We walked through the hotel (it’s worth it for a) the cool decor and b) for the chocolate smell!!). The restaurant serves a variety of small dishes, their 100g menu, which allows you to experience a variety of dishes…envision a tapas menu. In addition to that, there’s salad as well as main courses. We decided on a few 100g dishes: lobster medallion, pork prepared in three different ways, a seafood creation and a fourth dish. We did also share arroz con marisco and a mixed salad!





The entire meal was great, we didn’t pick the best wine, but that happens once in a while. We will definitely go back and try additional dishes. I love that you can order many small dishes and experience a variety of tastes and favors!

No dessert for us at the restaurant, since Jeanette Talbot and her family had left us a sweet Valentine’s treat — gracias a todos!!



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