Rear view mirror: week #4

Another great week comes to an end. We have officially been in Colombia for over a month and last Wednesday marked our 4 week anniversary in CTG.

We have been following the Olympics, I’ve been routing for the Swiss and gotten emotional once or maybe five times when the athletes representing my small country stood on top of the podium. I love the Olympics, love to follow the stories of the athletes and learn about their inspirations and motivations (besides winning gold, of course!).

As always, here are a few bullet points summarizing week 4:
First pedicure & manicure
Casa del niño — spent another afternoon volunteering
More new fruit (see picture below)
First mat Pilates class — ever!!
Our car is in country — it will take several months for it to clear customs
Our HHG (household goods) is in country as well, ETA at our apartment is early march
Mail day is like Christmas morning
I truly love walks at the bay — nothing new, but loved it all over again
Day trip to Baranquilla (see separate blog post!)



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