Staying in touch…

(This post is not negative, it’s just a lesson I have learned!)

I haven’t lived near my family and Swiss friends since 1998. I moved to Washington, DC on August 1, 1998 and lived there till January 12, 2014. Now, we call Cartagena in Colombia home!

Staying in touch with loved ones has gotten progressively easier, but then I miss getting real mail. Letters from my mom (best letter writer, ever!) or friends were always the highlight of my days and weeks. Now, we got email, text, iPhone to iPhone or iPad to iPad, there’s Skype, what’s app, BBM, Facebook, IG and I’m sure, more! I’m using it all, I love to chat with my friends all over the globe! Since getting to CTG, I’ve made conscious efforts to chat and reach out to my friends and family — but I’ve got a new life to live, new friends I’d like to get to know better, learn Spanish…

I’m a big believer of cherishing friendships while cultivating new ones. People stay in your life for a reason, my family and friends keep me grounded, keep me real, make me laugh and cry and put things into perspective.

The last 16 years have taught me many things, but definitely that it’s almost expected from the ones living abroad, to stay in touch, to reach out, and to spend all vacation at home (Switzerland home, or WDC home). Well, I disagree. Friendships are a two way street, we all have the technology of the 21st century available to us, make a call, send an email, or a hand written note, because maybe, us ex-pats or adventure seekers are in need of some love from home, where ever and what ever home might be. I promise to write and call, to stay in touch — I might be over posting on FB and IG right now, but I want everybody to get a taste of CTG, of Colombia, of what I consider home now!!


2 thoughts on “Staying in touch…

  1. We love hearing from you!!! We like discussing your latest adventures and we make sure to catch up anyone who has missed your latest post xoxoxox (and by we, I mean your groupies 😉)

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