My workout week

Yes, I’ve posted a lot about food, to be able to eat my way through the 296 (that’s what Tripadvisor claims!) restaurants here in CTG, girl’s got to workout. Combine that with lots of time and a quote from a CTG friend “if you’re not in the best shape of your life after being here, I don’t know when else…” and my competitive self, you know I’m working out, a lot.

What does my week look now vs. NoVA? Here’s the comparison…

BodyStep in NoVA

BodyAttack in NoVA
Tae-Box, BodyPump, 2-3 mile walk and shoulders and abs in CTG

BodyAttack and BodyPump in NoVA
Circuito, Back, biceps, abs and 2-3 mile walk in CTG

Hit or miss in NoVA
4-5 mile walk or BodyPump and Pilates and chest/triceps/abs and 2-3 mile walk in CTG

BodyStep in NoVA
4-5 mile walk, legs and abs in CTG

4-5 mile walk and some outside stuff in CTG

BodyStep in NoVA
Tae-Box in CTG

Yes, I know. I’ve got the luxury of time, so I’m going to the gym 2x per day, additionally, I’ve got the motivation of permanent bikini season and lots of people being in great shape. I’m definitely taking advantage of this time in my life…(and loving it!!). Most classes here are only 45′ and my evening sessions are usually 30′ on the treadmill, walking with husband man and then a 30-45′ workout. I don’t spend hours at the gym, I actually research my workout and come with a plan and a back-up plan in case lots of the weights are taken or the (small) gym is overly packed.
Additionally, we walk everywhere, which gives some additional time on the move — I love it.


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