Vera (2/22)

First: we loved it! We seem to have a love relationship with restaurants with female names, think Fiola in WDC, now Vera in CTG!

But let me start over…I was in need of a special place to celebrate husband man’s birthday! Well, after reading several blogs, I found Vera. I loved the pictures, the website of Hotel Tcherassi, where Vera is located and I liked what I read in the New World Review. I don’t make decisions for restaurants based on reviews, but I use them to learn more about the restaurant, location, how long has It been open, etc. What’s important to me, might be at the bottom of your priority list, I prefer personal recommendations and let the menu selections guide me into making a decision and a reservation!

I selected well if I may say so!! We both loved the restaurant, the food was amazing, great wine, the half inside/outside setup, the feel, it was truly a perfect birthday dinner (I think!!).

Here’s what we ate
Snapper Carpaccio — probably my least favorite dish, yet lovely! I had expected more of a sashimi versus ceviche gone carpaccio…


Pulpo with potatoes — amazing! We have a weakness for grilled octopus, this dish definitely ranks high in this category!


Penne with Tomatoes and Eggplants — Husband man’s dish! Loved it, but to be honest, I think my dish was tastier!


Penne cacio e pepe — my dinner. Amazing, how pepper and pecorino cheese can make a pasta dish a culinary experience!


I don’t have a picture of the White Chocolate with Mango Sorbet Dessert we inhaled, but I’ll be surfing the internet to its end and back for more ideas with these two ingredients.

Since we had some vino, we decided against going to the bar, but the aquabar looks like so much fun and we will have to ensure we take the time to have a drink there next time!


The pictures we took and on the website don’t show the beauty and special ambiance of Vera — go check it out, I’m pretty sure, you won’t be disappointed!


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