A variety of social media outlets are playing the 100 happy days game, you’ll find it on Facebook or on Instagram. Yes, I’m playing. Being happy is a choice I make daily, Mami taught me that. It’s easier to be positive than negative…at least in my eyes!

As I’m sitting here listening to husband man talking to a friend from Norther VA, I realized yet again how lucky I am to get this break, this time out here in CTG, that husband man let’s me live the life here!

100 happy days asks you to post pictures for 100 days straight, it’s a commitment, yet it’s really not that difficult since I feel I’m surrounded by reasons, that increase my happiness and Re the cause for my happiness.

So what makes me happy?
Walks in the bay
Overlooking the bay
Watching the cruise ships come and go
Watching the cargo ships come and go
Juan Valdez
Sunrises over the bay
Watching the pelicans fish in the bay
Knowing that there’s freshly baked bread every hour on the hour at the grocery store
Abundance of fresh fruit
Hearing the horse carriages through the windows
Limonada de Coco
Mail days
Watching the little kids learning to roller skate — adorable!!!

Just a short list, I’m sure there’s much more…have you put a list together as to what makes you happy? I believe in the power of happy, do you?


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