HHG stands for household goods

Yesterday was like Christmas!! Our 5,000lbs of HHG got delivered yesterday. It was scheduled for today at 9am, so needless to say, I was VERY surprised when I saw the truck outside the apartment building…I had just completed the first lap on the bay! I guess no complaints when your things arrive 25hrs earlier than anticipated!

Against all odds, it wasn’t my clothes, shoes, purses I had missed the most!! It was our couches and our bed. Cartagena is considered a furnished post, so the Embassy provides you with furniture. The furniture we found wasn’t in the best shape and definitely didn’t live it to our levels of cleanliness. Yes, we might be freaks, yes, we have no kids or pets, but the couches were covered in dog hair and the mattress we just slept on for shy of two months smelled like mildew….hence, I felt like I was in the most luxurious settings possible last night sleeping in my bed and fitting on my couch…

Of course, I love having my shoes and purses, I can match head-to-toe again (#firstworldissues, I know!), I’m glad to have more variety when it comes yo workout tops end clothes in general, but if I had to trade in some clothes for my bed and/or couch, I gladly would.

We still have lots of unpacking and arranging to do, but what felt like home feels like HOME now — come visit!!

Living room partially setup…



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