Rear view mirror: week #8

We have officially been in county 2++ months, it’s occasionally hard to understand how fast time has gone by, how much we have already done and seen and how much I feel at home here.

Last Tuesday, our household goods arrived, couches, beds, kitchen stuff, the rest of our clothes, etc. It’s like Christmas and Easter, a birthday and Thanksgiving all in one — with a lot of hard work. We got the whole apartment setup by Thursday, there are still a few loose ends, but all in all, everything has been unpacked and found a (for now) permanent place to live. Will we move things around and change it, of course. For now — we are home, we feel like home!

Due to all the packing etc, I skipped Spanish for a full week, I’m ready to go back this week. I had to skip tennis on Tuesday, but got to play on Thursday.

I had my weekly coffee date with Jeanette on Monday. Just like I had c&c dates (coffee and conversation) in the USA, we have a standing Monday chat date. We did also go for ceviche, which was amazing. One of the other ladies hosted a group of friends for a farewell breakfast and at night, we raised a glass or more to start the goodbye weekend for the McGukin. We were fortunate to join them along with 15 others on Saturday for a great dinner at El Santísimo, and today, in a more quiet and private setting, said goodbye to our friends Liza and Dave and their adorable sons Colin & Griffin.

The bay still fascinates me, I’ve found several websites to look up the vessels coming into port (yes, I’m a geek!), I got to TaeBox twice last week and Anthony and I shared a very leisurely Saturday — it was a good week, it was a really good week.






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