For the love of books

I read. I read a lot. Always have, always will. My preference is non-fiction reading, anything from biographies to history books, books about the world, different countries, people, ways of life, but also political books, books about successful companies, ie Starbucks, fascinate me.

When asked what indeed, I usually have a hard time answering, because I enjoy easing about dark periods of the last century, I have read probably at least 50 books about the Holocaust. Why? I want to always remember what happened, I want to never forget that this happened only a border away from Switzerland and it’s inspirational to read how the survivors (and also the many, many people from the different concentration camps that didn’t survive) kept on going. Anne Frank is who we all know, there’s also Sophie Scholl, a young girl who together with her brothers and friends fought against the Nazis, there are the amazing survivor stories…

Additionally, I’m very fascinated by the Middle East. It’s a melting pot, it’s colorful and reading some of the biographies or stories are very unique.

So here are a few of my favorite books covering the two topics mentioned above, but also other books. There are many more, but it’s a start:

The stoning of Soraya M: a true story
Extraordinary, ordinary people: a memoir of family by Condoleezza Rice
In the water they can’t see you cry: memoir by Amanda Beard
Guests of the Ayatollah: Mark Bowden
Leap of Faith: memoirs of an unexpected life by Queen Noor
A century of wisdom: lessons from the life of Alice Herz-Sommer (oldest Holocaust Survivor)
Sala’s gift: my mother’s holocaust story


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