Rear view mirror: week #9

Another week has come and gone. They (who’s they anyways!?!) say home is where the heart is well, mine is here, and not just because husband man is here. It’s the community that welcomed us with open arms, the smiles of somebody working at a store, the free tinto while getting a manicure (!!) and waking up overlooking the bay and witnessing sunrises definitely adds to the heart being at home!

Week 9 included saying goodbye to The McGukins, having a lovely farewell breakfast for both Liza and Susan as well as farewell dinners with the McGukins and friends at El Santísimo — which is great for group dinners.
When a family leaves, another one arrives: welcome Ashley & Mike. Overseas post are a bit a revolving door, tours are at least 2 years long, some families stay the maximum of 6 years, but regardless, people come and go.

Between playing tennis, Spanish lessons, walks in the bay, the gym and coffee dates, it was a fun week. The highlight definitely being the Maltz Challenge…(see separate post)

We like spending a relaxing hour or so at La Mansión. We go there on Saturdays after the gym, I drink coffee, we chat, we people watch and we definitely appreciate our surroundings and the gorgeous weather we have had thus far….





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