Culture shock — or the lack there of

By definition, culture shock is a personal disorientation, including four phases:
1) honeymoon
2) negotiation
3) adjustment
4) mastery

After 2++ months in CTG, I feel I’ve faced it all, yet I wouldn’t categorize myself as disoriented. I’ve felt at home from the minute we had moved into our own apartment. I’ve felt as if CTG is closer to some of the Swiss and European behaviors than the USA are, ie the whole lack of personal space ordeal: as if we recognize that in Switzerland (think standing in line at the bottom of a ski lift…). Additionally, I’ve found products in the grocery store I hadn’t seen in ages since they’re not sold in the USA.

I like to think having moved from one continent to another before, I’ve dealt with culture shock, got it out of my system many years ago. Change so good, I enjoy it, adjusting to knew things brings personal growth…

May the honeymoon never end, may I negotiate and navigate myself through the daily life in CTG. May I master Spanish so my brain adjusts faster from one language to another!


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