FM Restaurante (4/12)

By dining at FM Restaurante, we completed the list of 5 gourmet restaurants in CTG based on this write up:

FM Restaurante definitely deserves a spot in this list in our book! There’s a saying in German that the eye participates in a meal, and the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, how about letting the pictures we took while at Adam tell the story of a culinary treat, great service and a lovely bottle of vino tinto?

I’d say, when in CTG eat at FM!








Rear view mirror: week #13 — or how Anthony spoiled me for my birthday

The highlight of week #13 was definitely our staycation at the Santa Teresa Hotel. Husband man surprised me for my birthday with an overnight stay and a massage — isn’t he the best?

After the gym and our weekly visits to Juan Valdez and Las Dulzuras, we headed to the old city and the Santa Teresa Hotel. As a former hotelier, I love setting of the hotel, the location and the service. It’s truly a gorgeous hotel, a gem! After a welcome lemonade,


we went to the spa. Anthony had booked us Santa Teresa massages, which was a massage/facial combo — amazing!! The spa is small, obviously the hotel wasn’t built as a hotel, but the setting is stunning and the treatment very enjoyable and so relaxing.


I wouldn’t usually mention taking a shower, but just the shower at the hotel alone makes me want to go back immediately…you’ll have to go,see for yourself.

We headed for wine on the wall at El Baluarte, we were too late for the sunset, but the setting was stunning regardless.


Dinner was at FM Restaurante, one of the five gourmet restaurants as per this write up: We have now been to all five of these restaurants and think all are lovely, a culinary experience worth repeating…

Dinner at FM was absolutely amazing, we both enjoyed a tomato mousse with salmon and a warm seafood salad. Anthony’s main course was a steak on top of fettuccine, I had a seafood dish I just absolutely loved.






On our way to and from FM, we walked by a store with clothes but also pieces of art…so the spontaneous purchase is now hanging above our couch…


We finished our stay with a lovely breakfast in the morning — thank you husband man for a lovely birthday weekend. 💛💙❤️

The summary of week #13 in pictures versus words:


Truly a Good Friday in the Old City

We decided to go play in the Old City for a few hours and experience “la feria de dulces”, definitely worth a visit, both for the eye and from a culinary perspective!

Dulce de Leche and Coco de Leche


Additionally, we indulged in fresh coconut


And some traditional sweets


It was a fun way to indulge and experience another slice of CTG.

Rear view mirror: week #12

The sense of permanent vacation hasn’t caught up to me yet, it hasn’t made me crazy or left feeling as if the walls are closing in on me. I’m still attempting to do something new or different each week, last week it was swimming in the morning. Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner??
After my bay walks, the pool feels amazing and I get to catch some morning rays, how much better does it get??

The weather seems to want to change we don’t see the gorgeous sunrises every day, but the sun is still winning the battle — no complaints there.

I realized a while back, that you see cool things if you just take the time (yup, got plenty!) to look, see, notice. Last week, I saw a balloon floating in the bay, yes, that’s trash, but the “te amo” message still made me smile.

Berta, the lovely lady who comes to our house once a week made arepas, which we gladly inhaled for breakfast.

Date night at El Balcón was great, I wrote about that experience earlier.


Don Juan (3/22)

Another overdue restaurant review: Don Juan in the old city.
I had first read about this restaurant after googling “gourmet restaurants cartagena” and the following website came up:

We had been to Marea in July 2013 during our first visit to CTG, we enjoyed La Perla and Karib, so off to Don Juan we went.

The restaurant is located in the old city, next to Maria, the sister restaurant of Don Juan. It’s a gorgeous little place, we loved the decor and the way the wine was in a bookshelf like setting.


The menu had two types of pulpo appetizers, so we knew right there and then we’d have a lovely experience…just like any other restaurant in Cartagena, you get the table basically for the night, so the staff won’t rush you to order or won’t drop off the check with the (hated by me) “when ever you’re ready…”.

We settled on two appetizers: pulpo and an asparagus salad. Both were absolutely amazing.



For our main courses, we both ordered fish, I think both were from the bass family, however, different fish, different preparations.



As for dessert, we prefer to stroll through the old city and just get some helado when we come across a small place…on that night, we found a small store/bar (I think it’s called Mango) that sold helado and alcohol!!!

From the 5 gourmet places, we have been to 4. Reservations are made for the final one, review to follow!!


National grilled cheese month

Just a quick post and picture in celebration of national grilled cheese month.
If you’re reading this, check out the contest among the Loews Hotels.

Go vote for what looks the most appealing to you — or vote for Loews Madison, the hotel I worked for while living in WDC.

My lunch was a grilled mozzarella/pear sandwich…
(Not from the book in the picture, but since seeing the book gave me the idea for today’s lunch…)


Have you had yours yet??

El Balcón (4/5)

While spending a day in the old city a few weeks ago, I had walked by El Balcón, both a Bed & Breakfast and Bar/Restaurant. As the name indicates, it has a very cute balcón overlooking Plaza San Diego in the Old City, our usual Saturday night playground.


There are only a few tables, some balcony seating as well as a handful of seats at the bar. The menu is straight forward, a variety of dishes representing a variety of influences/cuisines.

We ordered a Gazpacho and Calamares to start, followed by the Langostino special and Cazuela (seafood casserole). We finished our delicious meal with a maracuyá mousse with some chocolate drizzle — heaven in a cup!!!
The service was lovely, the food amazing, and it top it off, our waitress bought us each a glass of wine since we had none left to go with dessert. Yes — we will be back, not just because of the free wine, that just added to he wonderful experience we already had.