Breakfast, April 2, 2014

Today, I hosted a breakfast at our place. Small group of friends, who tries to regularly get together for food, laughter and rounds of discussions and conversations. I value face to face conversations, something I specifically started to schedule a few years ago with my friend Jackie: c&c, coffee and conversation, became a weekly thing — try it, it’s lovely!

Back to the breakfast!! What to cook? What to make so that everybody can eat at once? Healthy? Carb loading? Well, since I couldn’t make up my mind, I made a selection of things, baked the muffins the night before and settled on a casserole so I could make the pancakes while the oven does its thing.

I like to take a risk or two, I feel comfortable enough when it comes to baking, but I don’t usually make all “new” things and let my guest be the guinea pigs, but since I had never hosted a breakfast, what’s a girl to do?

Well, here’s what was for breakfast today:

French Toast Casserole

Protein Pancakes

Orange Muffins based on this Orange Loaf Recipe

Hot Chocolate

Jugo de Banano en Leche

Zucchini/Orange Muffins (based on a Zucchini bread recipe)
br />

Yes, it was too much food, but the oven is officially fabulous, I know now how to solve the Apfelwaehe Dilemma (stay tuned for this blog post down the road), and I’ve successfully hosted a breakfast!! Of course, I’m not stopping here, I’ll remake and re-bake any of the items above upon request, but why not take a risk or several and try more new things…if the company is lovely, most food tastes better (at least in my book!!)


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