Rear view mirror: weeks #10 & #11

Two great weeks, I know I’m repeating myself, but time flies!!

There’s definitely change in the air, literally. It’s warmer, it’s a bit more humid, I guess we are approaching the warmer months.
Life in CTG has taken on a nice rhythm, between Spanish classes and playing tennis, some set classes at the gym, there’s a sort of normalcy, even if this doesn’t include getting up for work anymore. I still have to pinch myself once in a while to truly realize and understand how unbelievably lucky we are to be here, to have this amazing opportunity to live abroad, to be overlooking the bay, to completely love our apartment and CTG.

Of course, there are challenges, but didn’t we have them stateside as well? We encountered a few maintenance issues these past two weeks, and dealing with them in a foreign language definitely added to the confusion (but who am I kidding: I don’t understand anything about AC units in English…). Bottom line: dealing with different people forces me to learn Spanish even faster and everything got fixed to our satisfaction…

As always, we ventured out to a new restaurant:
Don Juan on 3/22 (review to follow)
Juan del Mar on 3/29 (review posted)
Yet again, great finds and meals.

We usually spend our Saturdays doing stuff, because Berta is here. Berta is the amazing lady we hired to work for us once a week, Saturdays. We haven’t gotten comfortable being home when she’s here, we both prefer to let her do what she does best and head out exploring, etc.
Typically, we attend a TaeBox class at the gym to kick off the weekend. We usually then head to Juan Valdez, where we sit and people watch for as long as we care for, and on the way home, we stop at La Dulzura for some pastry aka lunch. Last Saturday, we played tennis instead, had lunch before coffee and then went to Monica Cruz, one of the local salons here. Anthony got a hair cut and while waiting for him, I decided on a 15′ chair massage, one of the best decisions!!! It was so relaxing, I talked Anthony into getting one as well.

In short, the past two weeks were fun, interesting, active, relaxing and so much more…

Here’s to loving life, to living bigger or as the Taco Bell commercials say: Live Más.






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