El Balcón (4/5)

While spending a day in the old city a few weeks ago, I had walked by El Balcón, both a Bed & Breakfast and Bar/Restaurant. As the name indicates, it has a very cute balcón overlooking Plaza San Diego in the Old City, our usual Saturday night playground.


There are only a few tables, some balcony seating as well as a handful of seats at the bar. The menu is straight forward, a variety of dishes representing a variety of influences/cuisines.

We ordered a Gazpacho and Calamares to start, followed by the Langostino special and Cazuela (seafood casserole). We finished our delicious meal with a maracuyá mousse with some chocolate drizzle — heaven in a cup!!!
The service was lovely, the food amazing, and it top it off, our waitress bought us each a glass of wine since we had none left to go with dessert. Yes — we will be back, not just because of the free wine, that just added to he wonderful experience we already had.






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