Don Juan (3/22)

Another overdue restaurant review: Don Juan in the old city.
I had first read about this restaurant after googling “gourmet restaurants cartagena” and the following website came up:

We had been to Marea in July 2013 during our first visit to CTG, we enjoyed La Perla and Karib, so off to Don Juan we went.

The restaurant is located in the old city, next to Maria, the sister restaurant of Don Juan. It’s a gorgeous little place, we loved the decor and the way the wine was in a bookshelf like setting.


The menu had two types of pulpo appetizers, so we knew right there and then we’d have a lovely experience…just like any other restaurant in Cartagena, you get the table basically for the night, so the staff won’t rush you to order or won’t drop off the check with the (hated by me) “when ever you’re ready…”.

We settled on two appetizers: pulpo and an asparagus salad. Both were absolutely amazing.



For our main courses, we both ordered fish, I think both were from the bass family, however, different fish, different preparations.



As for dessert, we prefer to stroll through the old city and just get some helado when we come across a small place…on that night, we found a small store/bar (I think it’s called Mango) that sold helado and alcohol!!!

From the 5 gourmet places, we have been to 4. Reservations are made for the final one, review to follow!!



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