Rear view mirror: week #12

The sense of permanent vacation hasn’t caught up to me yet, it hasn’t made me crazy or left feeling as if the walls are closing in on me. I’m still attempting to do something new or different each week, last week it was swimming in the morning. Why hadn’t I thought of that sooner??
After my bay walks, the pool feels amazing and I get to catch some morning rays, how much better does it get??

The weather seems to want to change we don’t see the gorgeous sunrises every day, but the sun is still winning the battle — no complaints there.

I realized a while back, that you see cool things if you just take the time (yup, got plenty!) to look, see, notice. Last week, I saw a balloon floating in the bay, yes, that’s trash, but the “te amo” message still made me smile.

Berta, the lovely lady who comes to our house once a week made arepas, which we gladly inhaled for breakfast.

Date night at El Balcón was great, I wrote about that experience earlier.



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