As May comes to a close, we are looking back on two visits from WDC friends: Lindsay and Lindsey & Dan. Lindsay stayed with us for close to a week, Lindsey & Dan stayed at Hotel Carib for a long weekend.

What did we do with our visitors?

Work out like we always do
Visiting the a Old City and Castillo San Felipe
Trying two new restaurants: Cuzco and Alma
Playing on the water: boat trip, day trip to Isla del Encanto
Eat in and use the pool at Asturias
Attending cookouts and meeting friends for sushi and chocolate croissants

My hope is and was, to share my CTG, or at least a slice of it to everybody visiting. Showing visitors why we love it here and what living in Colombia is all about for us. And in a perfect world, they all take a slice back with them, share it with their friends and family and maybe change Colombia’s perception?

Come find out for yourself what CTG has to offer, what makes us love this coastal city so much and get a taste of la vida suave!


Home is — where ever you make it to be

After traveling to both Switzerland and Washington, DC, I’ve been pondering where home is after having been living in three countries and on as many continents!

Switzerland will always be home, but when traveling back to Cartagena, I referred to it as flying home. Washington, DC will always be home after having lived there for 15++ years. So do I have three homes? Will I have four once we will leave here?

My personal opinion is that home is where ever you make it to be, where Anthony is, where the heart is, where your family is, where your friends are and where memories are being made…

For now, I’m calling CTG home, and loving doing so.


Isla Del Encanto

Surrounded by water and sunshine, heading to the islands or spending a day on the water are fabulous ways to spend your day while in CTG.
Yesterday, and with visiting Lindsey and Dan, I boarded a lancha (aka water taxi) to Isla del Encanto. Like many of the island here, privately owned, Isla Del Encanto offers transportation from and to Cartagena to the gorgeous beach and resort.
Isla del Encanto is roughly an hour away by boat and offers a variety of activities along with a spa, 11 gorgeous hotel rooms, plenty of beach and water access and delicious food and beverage.
A day trip includes the transportation, access to the beach and lunch — what a delicious way to spend a lazy day and celebrate the beauty of the Caribbean.






Subjuntivo — or how it’s all coming back to me

Today, I started to work on “subjuntivo” with my Spanish teacher, after we breezed through “futuro” and “condicional”.

Learning that el subjuntivo is not a tense per se, but more a mode of speaking, my analytical language opened wide up brain and it all came rushing back to me: German classes and studying grammar many, many moons ago and then 1985, when I first started studying French. Not only can I remember the specifics in several languages, I can almost quote the teachers from back then, FREAKY.

Additionally, I’ve realized that I break the languages down to their skeletons, search for easy ways to remember why a certain tense or mode of speaking is asking for a change in vowel, is regular or irregular and how the endings for the different persons (1st person, singular, ie) change or not…

I freak myself out with my long term memory and my Spanish teacher seems to be impressed.

I’m not writing this to show off, I’m just amazed that I remember and that my analytical brain works so well with languages!

LMI a la Cartagena

Well, it was only a matter of time: I found myself on a stage with a mic and LMI clothes, cueing in toe languages to a huge crowd here in CTG.

One of the instructors at ProFitness where I attend classes mentioned a Les Mills Day to me, which would include the training manager from Baranquilla. Elkin is the training manager for the Coast here in Colombia. We weren’t truly sure what to expect, would it be launches, just specialty classes? It seems to have been a LMI Day, introducing more members to Les Mills and a few different classes, success considering the class sizes!

At 945am, or in true Colombian fashion, I was confirmed as a guest instructor teaching three BodyStep tracks at 10am, followed by shadowing BodyAttack and teaching 1 track as well…thank you, long term memory for NOT failing me!!

Both husband man and I had a blast, noteworthy is that Anthony took all classes, stuck with the fight and pumped weights!! 💛💙❤️

There are groundwork workshops scheduled along with launches and a Q featuring Shauna May, we definitely plan to attend schedule permitting!!

Yes, I wasn’t sure if I’d teach, now I’m pretty sure I want to, just a matter of time till BodyTech here on Boca Grande opens and finding a way to be able to teach…fingers crossed!!




Sail Cartagena de Indias 2014

As a Swiss being from a landlocked country, ships and vessels fascinate me, as per an earlier post. My fascination and love took on new heights this past weekend, as vessels and tall ships representing several countries anchored in the ports of CTG.
Representing Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, the Netherlands, USA, Colombia among other countries, replicas and historic ships along with cutters and navy boats/ships were here visiting and for the public accessible!

After watching them arrive last week and then actually seeing them in person, I watched them all sail out today.

Sail CTG 2014 was amazing and living right at the bay offered great views day and night!!

Here are a few pictures from the past few days!







Rear view mirror — a little different

The last three weeks were unique and special and amazing and fabulous if I may say so!
Not only did I get to travel to two of three places I consider home, I was able to share my latest and greatest home with a dear friend!

4/23-4/30: Switzerland.
Catching up with friends and selective family members
Horseback riding and swimming one-on-ones with Alessia
Alessia’s first communion


4/30-5/6: WDC.
Staying at Nicki’s
Meeting up with many friends, incl Loews ladies
Joanna’s wedding
Korean BBQ, Little Italy and A La Lucia with the gym ladies
BodyStep, BodyPump, BodyAttack, CXWorx


5/7-5/13: Lindsay’s visit.
Lindsay has been a very loyal and dear friend for several years. From gym to gym, class to class and format to format did she follow me around. LOVE.
Lindsay was also our very first visitor. It gave me a new found appreciation for CTG and confirmed yet again how damn lucky I am to be living here…from a day in the Old City, Castillo San Felipe, the islands and meeting my CTG family, I think we were able to have Lindsay experience a few slices of Colombia and our daily lives here.