Rear view mirror — a little different

The last three weeks were unique and special and amazing and fabulous if I may say so!
Not only did I get to travel to two of three places I consider home, I was able to share my latest and greatest home with a dear friend!

4/23-4/30: Switzerland.
Catching up with friends and selective family members
Horseback riding and swimming one-on-ones with Alessia
Alessia’s first communion


4/30-5/6: WDC.
Staying at Nicki’s
Meeting up with many friends, incl Loews ladies
Joanna’s wedding
Korean BBQ, Little Italy and A La Lucia with the gym ladies
BodyStep, BodyPump, BodyAttack, CXWorx


5/7-5/13: Lindsay’s visit.
Lindsay has been a very loyal and dear friend for several years. From gym to gym, class to class and format to format did she follow me around. LOVE.
Lindsay was also our very first visitor. It gave me a new found appreciation for CTG and confirmed yet again how damn lucky I am to be living here…from a day in the Old City, Castillo San Felipe, the islands and meeting my CTG family, I think we were able to have Lindsay experience a few slices of Colombia and our daily lives here.



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