LMI a la Cartagena

Well, it was only a matter of time: I found myself on a stage with a mic and LMI clothes, cueing in toe languages to a huge crowd here in CTG.

One of the instructors at ProFitness where I attend classes mentioned a Les Mills Day to me, which would include the training manager from Baranquilla. Elkin is the training manager for the Coast here in Colombia. We weren’t truly sure what to expect, would it be launches, just specialty classes? It seems to have been a LMI Day, introducing more members to Les Mills and a few different classes, success considering the class sizes!

At 945am, or in true Colombian fashion, I was confirmed as a guest instructor teaching three BodyStep tracks at 10am, followed by shadowing BodyAttack and teaching 1 track as well…thank you, long term memory for NOT failing me!!

Both husband man and I had a blast, noteworthy is that Anthony took all classes, stuck with the fight and pumped weights!! 💛💙❤️

There are groundwork workshops scheduled along with launches and a Q featuring Shauna May, we definitely plan to attend schedule permitting!!

Yes, I wasn’t sure if I’d teach, now I’m pretty sure I want to, just a matter of time till BodyTech here on Boca Grande opens and finding a way to be able to teach…fingers crossed!!





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