As May comes to a close, we are looking back on two visits from WDC friends: Lindsay and Lindsey & Dan. Lindsay stayed with us for close to a week, Lindsey & Dan stayed at Hotel Carib for a long weekend.

What did we do with our visitors?

Work out like we always do
Visiting the a Old City and Castillo San Felipe
Trying two new restaurants: Cuzco and Alma
Playing on the water: boat trip, day trip to Isla del Encanto
Eat in and use the pool at Asturias
Attending cookouts and meeting friends for sushi and chocolate croissants

My hope is and was, to share my CTG, or at least a slice of it to everybody visiting. Showing visitors why we love it here and what living in Colombia is all about for us. And in a perfect world, they all take a slice back with them, share it with their friends and family and maybe change Colombia’s perception?

Come find out for yourself what CTG has to offer, what makes us love this coastal city so much and get a taste of la vida suave!


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