Restaurant pictures

A few impressions from the last few Saturdays:

Pepe Anca — located en el centro, specializing in grilled Colombian and Argentine meat



Marea — located in the Convention Center, specializing in seafood and considered one of the gourmet restaurants in Cartagena






Colombia vs. Honduras

First time in Soccer World Cup history did Colombia qualify for the quarter finals. And I’m here, here to witness it!!
The discussions ever since qualifying for the round of 16 had intensified, adding yo the heated discussions was the Suarez incident…well, he got banned for a few months and no biting but fútbol only occurred. As expected with two South American countries, the game was aggressive, bordering at times at a bit dirty plays, but after the final whistle and a result of 2:0, Cartagena and the entire country exploded! Dancing in the streets, singing and chanting and long lines of honking cars. People in yellow, red & blue, flags, a sea of celebration — very difficult not to smile and get sucked into it.

We spent the afternoon with my friend Martha and her family and friends, and dined the game took place on a Saturday, Anthony got to experience the craziness first hand!

Next stop: Brazil!







Colombia vs. Japan

Game three for Colombia was yesterday, the 4:1 victory was celebrated just like the other two victories:
Waving of flags and anything else yellow, red and blue
Honking cars
Cars filled with people hanging out of the windows, sunroofs, beds of pick-up trucks
You name it, you see it in the streets of Cartagena after a Colombian win.

I watched the game with Martha, her family and her friends. I enjoyed myself very much — their love and joy for the game is contagious!

Uruguay is next — I can only imagine what the city will look and sound like if they were to win!! ¡Vamos Colombia!


Copa Mundial — for the love of the game

Soccer World Cup in Brazil — time is standing still, nothing gets done yet we are all loving it!! What a treat you be in a country filled with patriotism and love for the game!!

Two games into it, Colombia is leading in their group, 6 Pts, the maximum possible after two games, one against Greece and one against the Ivory Coast.

The first one, Anthony and I watched at La Mansión, we sat outside the London Pub and due to glass doors and (loud!) speakers, we were able to follow all the action! After the victory,the place and the streets erupted. Impromptu celebrations, people singing and basically dancing in the street, honking cars and lots of yellow, red and blue (more about that another day!) everywhere.

Today, I joined Marta and her family and Carmen at the Bogotá Beer Company (BBC) for the game. A sea of yellow (jerseys) and lots of chanting and singing, clapping and screaming and then celebrating after the 2:1 victory.

Was today a productive day in Colombia? Most likely not at all — does it matter? Most likely not at all! The love of country and for the game is fully contagious and I happily cheered on my current country of residence!







If you try new things…

…you meet a lot of people, local people that is!

I’ve been taking many different classes at the gym, been seeing the same people over and over, but the actual change happened when I was “forced” by torrential downpour to attend a Rumba class. Against all odds, I actually enjoyed myself and my tight hips cooperated for most of the moves. A few weeks into attending Rumba classes one or two times a week, I’ve met several new people! In typical Colombian fashion, kisses are being exchanged and we talk in both English and Spanish about what’s happening in our lives…I guess the lesson learned is: if you are in their backyard, play their games…

And: taking Rumba a few times per week has actually loosened up my tight BodyStep and BodyAttack hips and I’m enjoying the benefits of that quite a bit!

And: will I ever know all the steps, who knows, but it’s a blast and once in a while, settling for fun versus perfection actually is a lot more satisfying.

¡Vamos a bailar!