Luxury of time

Against all odds, I’m perfectly content not living the life of 3 people combined (as Diana M. always said!), maybe it was time yo slow down, read, walk everywhere and smell the roses?

I can’t repeat often enough how much I love Cartagena send my life in Colombia. A huge part are the friends I’ve made over the past few months, but also meeting new people almost daily. It’s refreshing and challenging to meet people in a language you don’t fully speak…but somehow it always works out!

I helped a fellow BodyPumper in class last week, I’ll now have coffee with her in a few days. I met a girl while teaching a few tracks at BodyTech, I’ll have lunch with her this week. I order yogurt from Cristina and met her for lunch last week. Yes, not working and having lots of time available offers me the luxury to meet people and friends and spend time with them. A luxury a treasure very much!

Today, I went to the gym twice, taking a variety of classes. Today, I went for lunch with the ladies to celebrate Keisha’s birthday. Today, I walked to Decameron to finalize our July 4th getaway. Today, I went to Carulla. Today, I did all kinds of small things at the house and online. Today, I FaceTime talked with Anthony…oh, I watched French Open and read my book.

Today, and any day, I love the luxury of time — and my life.



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