Colombian time

We all have our own sense of time. I’m Swiss. I’m OCD when it comes to being on time…I don’t do late, I can’t stand being late and I’m finding it hard to deal with people being late, maybe I need to add that I hate to wait and that I lack patience…

Well, the Colombians aren’t known for being punctual, for taking promptness and timeliness too seriously! I read in a guide to Colombia that it’s not uncommon to tell Colombian friends the dinner is at 8pm, Europeans or Americans 9pm, and you should have a realistic chance for everybody to be there on time!

I had been witnessing the interpretation of time in the gym, classes start late, members arrive randomly, I have waited for technicians and maintenance people, but I’d never experienced it personally…

Until today. I made lunch plans with a girl I had met at BodyTech a few weeks ago. We had agreed on noon. So I made my way to La Brioche, I think today is the hottest day yet, to meet Luisa. I didn’t expect her to be punctual, but after sending a message at 1215pm mentioning I was at the restaurant, I learned after 1230pm that something had come up with her work…
I understand that, but since she had to make it across town to me, you’d think she knew by 1145am that she wouldn’t be making it.

No, it’s not a big deal in comparison to real problems, but annoying regardless!! I still prefer Swiss punctuality over anything else, but at the end of the day, no harm was done — in anticipation of having to wait, I brought a book!!


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