Rear view mirror: week #20

I know I’m repeating myself: but time does fly when you’re having fun!!

Last weekend was dedicated almost in its entirety to Keisha’s birthday — you only turn 40 once!! Her husband set up a surprise evening/night cruise in the bay, which was lovely and ended with surprise fireworks, not organized by Ricky, but we sure were in the right place at the right time. Sunday, we went to dinner at Carmen, the #1 ranked restaurant on tripadvisor. A lovely restaurant within another boutique hotel, both food and service (and the Lulo Mojito!) were fabulous! We ended the evening at Bazurto Social Club, a bar/club with Live Music, owned by our dear friend Fadia.

Monday brought the first of three Colombian holidays in June, which we spent mostly at home, after a workout at the gym!

Speaking of working out: thanks to the gym, I’ve met several local friends and Carmen from Madrid. As much as I enjoy the company of the Americans, I love meeting people outside our Embassy family! And: I taught a full BodyPump class since the instructor was hurt and no replacement showed up!! Taking BodyPump 1-3x per week has allowed me to increase my weight for most upper body tracks, something I’d been hoping to achieve for a while. What comes as the biggest surprise (to me!!!) is how much I enjoy the cycling class I take weekly! I’m looking to add another one, just have to find the perfect day for it…who would have thought?!?!?

Since Anthony was traveling last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Carmen, which is great since we mainly speak Spanish…I’m feeling more and more comfortable with the language, considering I’ve on,y been taking classes for a little over 3 months (including the 3 week break I took….)

June is supposed to bring some much needed rain, however, so far it’s brought a unprecedented heat wave: 96F feeling like 116F (that’s 46C!!!) and 95F feeling like 105F…

I also got to deal with the main Claró (Colombia’s AT&T or sunrise) office due to an error by the lady adding minutes to my phone…despite repeating the number twice and her repeating it correctly, the funds were applied to another account! So I had to rectify the situation…I succeeded, but was amused and awed at the fact how random the ticket numbers were called. I was S104, but was helped after S112 or S109….while I could have gotten upset over it, I just listened to conversations and remembered the computerized voice from my many visits to the Immigration offices in Northern Virginia: “now serving S104”.



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