If you try new things…

…you meet a lot of people, local people that is!

I’ve been taking many different classes at the gym, been seeing the same people over and over, but the actual change happened when I was “forced” by torrential downpour to attend a Rumba class. Against all odds, I actually enjoyed myself and my tight hips cooperated for most of the moves. A few weeks into attending Rumba classes one or two times a week, I’ve met several new people! In typical Colombian fashion, kisses are being exchanged and we talk in both English and Spanish about what’s happening in our lives…I guess the lesson learned is: if you are in their backyard, play their games…

And: taking Rumba a few times per week has actually loosened up my tight BodyStep and BodyAttack hips and I’m enjoying the benefits of that quite a bit!

And: will I ever know all the steps, who knows, but it’s a blast and once in a while, settling for fun versus perfection actually is a lot more satisfying.

¡Vamos a bailar!


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