Copa Mundial — for the love of the game

Soccer World Cup in Brazil — time is standing still, nothing gets done yet we are all loving it!! What a treat you be in a country filled with patriotism and love for the game!!

Two games into it, Colombia is leading in their group, 6 Pts, the maximum possible after two games, one against Greece and one against the Ivory Coast.

The first one, Anthony and I watched at La Mansión, we sat outside the London Pub and due to glass doors and (loud!) speakers, we were able to follow all the action! After the victory,the place and the streets erupted. Impromptu celebrations, people singing and basically dancing in the street, honking cars and lots of yellow, red and blue (more about that another day!) everywhere.

Today, I joined Marta and her family and Carmen at the Bogotá Beer Company (BBC) for the game. A sea of yellow (jerseys) and lots of chanting and singing, clapping and screaming and then celebrating after the 2:1 victory.

Was today a productive day in Colombia? Most likely not at all — does it matter? Most likely not at all! The love of country and for the game is fully contagious and I happily cheered on my current country of residence!








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