Colombia vs. Honduras

First time in Soccer World Cup history did Colombia qualify for the quarter finals. And I’m here, here to witness it!!
The discussions ever since qualifying for the round of 16 had intensified, adding yo the heated discussions was the Suarez incident…well, he got banned for a few months and no biting but fútbol only occurred. As expected with two South American countries, the game was aggressive, bordering at times at a bit dirty plays, but after the final whistle and a result of 2:0, Cartagena and the entire country exploded! Dancing in the streets, singing and chanting and long lines of honking cars. People in yellow, red & blue, flags, a sea of celebration — very difficult not to smile and get sucked into it.

We spent the afternoon with my friend Martha and her family and friends, and dined the game took place on a Saturday, Anthony got to experience the craziness first hand!

Next stop: Brazil!








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