Sunrises, sunsets — Cartagena the beautiful

Here’s a summary of some of Cartagena’s finest I got yo witness over the past few weeks…

Sunrise over Manga and the bay





Sunset: view from Cafe del Mar





Sunset: view from our apartment




Evening sky while driving along the Caribbean coast






Virgen del Carmen

On July 16, Colombia and other catholic countries celebrated the Virgin Carmen, the patroness of the sea, sailors, but also conductors, pilots, drivers, etc.

There’s a statute of Virgin Carmen is in the bay, visible from our apartment. On July 16th, I actually went on a day trip to Isla del Sol and on the way back to Cartagena, was able to witness some of the festivities and get an up close and personal look at the statue in the bay.





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Rear view mirror: week of July 13th & July 20th

The past two weeks flew by! With my friend Anjali still in town, she’s actually flying home as I write this, we continued our weekly tradition and visited Las Americas and ate empanadas and rollitos from Las Dulzuras — the final hurrah being a lunch of three guava filled bocadillos.

A day trip to Isla del Sol, a new island for me as well. There’s an Eco Hotel, which is smaller than Isla del Encato, the pool has a swim up bar, but the food selection for lunch is smaller (yet equally tasty!)

On their last night, we went to Palo Santo for a Colombian dinner.

Additionally, Anthony and I went to Rochester, NY for a family wedding and meeting up with friends and family. It was a quick trip, we were only in upstate NY for 78hrs. This was Anthony’s first trip to the US since leaving in mid January new both realized how much we love Cartagena, how much we consider it home and that we picked the right location for us! We used JetBlue from Cartagena to JFK and then to Rochester. The flight from CTG to JFK is less than 5 hours and an easy trip.




Rear view mirror — week of June 29th & July 6th

On June 27th, my friend Anjali landed in Cartagena along with her fiancé and his daughter. They decided to rent an apartment in the old city for a month, considering that the summer weeks are usually the time everybody leaves CTG, this has been an awesome time for the three of them to be here!

Hence, I’ve been out and about more than the past month, have been to Las Americas weekly and enjoyed having them here!

The collages are a summary in pictures of the fun we have had these past 2+ weeks.



Colombia’s opposites

Yesterday, I experienced two very different ways of Colombian living!

Berta was at our house and I asked her to make chicken lasagna (to die for!), so as always, she was off to the store, which is 3 blocks from our house. Berta uses the moto taxis as method of transportation: motorcycles driven by locals, who carry an extra helmet with them for you…
I was walking to the gym and Berta passed me waiving and yelling my name on the back of said moto taxi!

For lunch, a Colombian friend invited me to Piola. She told me she would pick me up. Well, she did: a black, armored SUV pulled up and an armed, plain clothed gentleman opened the door and mentioned for me to get in the car…My friend is a lawyer with high profile cases, hence she has a small security detail!

From moto taxi to armored vehicles, you can experience it all in Colombia!