Colombia’s opposites

Yesterday, I experienced two very different ways of Colombian living!

Berta was at our house and I asked her to make chicken lasagna (to die for!), so as always, she was off to the store, which is 3 blocks from our house. Berta uses the moto taxis as method of transportation: motorcycles driven by locals, who carry an extra helmet with them for you…
I was walking to the gym and Berta passed me waiving and yelling my name on the back of said moto taxi!

For lunch, a Colombian friend invited me to Piola. She told me she would pick me up. Well, she did: a black, armored SUV pulled up and an armed, plain clothed gentleman opened the door and mentioned for me to get in the car…My friend is a lawyer with high profile cases, hence she has a small security detail!

From moto taxi to armored vehicles, you can experience it all in Colombia!


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