Rear view mirror: week of July 13th & July 20th

The past two weeks flew by! With my friend Anjali still in town, she’s actually flying home as I write this, we continued our weekly tradition and visited Las Americas and ate empanadas and rollitos from Las Dulzuras — the final hurrah being a lunch of three guava filled bocadillos.

A day trip to Isla del Sol, a new island for me as well. There’s an Eco Hotel, which is smaller than Isla del Encato, the pool has a swim up bar, but the food selection for lunch is smaller (yet equally tasty!)

On their last night, we went to Palo Santo for a Colombian dinner.

Additionally, Anthony and I went to Rochester, NY for a family wedding and meeting up with friends and family. It was a quick trip, we were only in upstate NY for 78hrs. This was Anthony’s first trip to the US since leaving in mid January new both realized how much we love Cartagena, how much we consider it home and that we picked the right location for us! We used JetBlue from Cartagena to JFK and then to Rochester. The flight from CTG to JFK is less than 5 hours and an easy trip.





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