We love it here

Over 7 months ago, we boarded a plane to Bogotá and a few days later to Cartagena, the city on the bay we call home. Few know that we had actually considered Bogotá as an option, but selected Cartagena instead and have been thankful for this selection ever since landing here on January 15.

In April, I posted 10 reasons why I love living here. They all still apply — more so than ever. The experiences we get, the adventures we get to live will last a lifetime and I know, I’ll treasure them forever.

It’s the little things that make me happy, flowers on the way to the gym, watching the pelicans fish, fresh strawberries and getting other fruit instead of change — just to name a few. Every time I leave the house, there’s an experience, something beautiful to see. Living here, living at the slower pace has taught me to treasure all of it, to seek it out, to look for it.

The people of Cartagena are very friendly, Colombians are very friendly. Since we move in a small area, we tend to see the same people, those are the faces of Cartagena. We consider ourselves lucky to get the chance to sit down with them over coffee or jugo and learn, receive restaurant recommendations and just spend time together.

We love food. Cartagena has 330 restaurants on trip advisor, how much better does it get?

We love it here. We love our lives here. We love the people we have met. We love the food. It’s the perfect choice for us!


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