The wall of Cartagena

Ever since moving here, I’ve been fascinated with the city’s a href=”http://wall”>

Last week, I finally decided to take the time to walk most of it and gain a bird’s view of the city and the coast.

Cartagena’s wall is clearly reflected in its pirate history.,_Colombia

You can walk almost the entire wall, there’s a short gap which is too narrow to pass. The walk takes about an hour, especially if you stop for 70 (!) pictures along the way. From houses, shops, restaurants and plants, everything can be seen from atop of the wall. On the outside of the wall is the coastal route out of the city and towards the airport, Crespo and eventually towards Baranquilla. Not only can you witness the life on the road, but also in the Caribbean Sea. Pelicans fishing, fishing boats and the waves breaking. If you do the walk late afternoon, you’ll get to witness the sunset over the Caribbean Sea as well as get the opportunity to stop at Cafe del Mar or Tascabar for a sunset beverage.

Go out. Explore your own backyard, you know there’s things you’ve never seen and experienced.





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