La Cocina de Pepina

A recent post in the New York Times inspired the latest outing, the ladies who lunch headed out to La Cocina de Pepina.

36 hours in Cartagena – New York Times, Sept 2014

Tucked away off Calle Larga in Getsemani, you’ll find this small Restaurant.

The menu is written on a blackboard, featuring Colombian specialty as well as specialties from the coast and Cartagena.

We indulged in fresh cherry and passion fruit (Maracuyá) juices as well as a great selection of appetizers and main courses:
Mote de Queso
Guises de Gallina

Here’s another review of La Cocina de Pepina:

Based on the size of the restaurant and this recent article, reservations might be necessary, the 6 of us (5 adults plus on toddler) shared 5 chairs and a corner table for 4, however, this didn’t affect the great experience we had. Besides the amazing food, Christian was an outstanding host and his descriptions of the food and dishes in both English and Spanish were fantastic.

When in Cartagena, 36 hours or longer, head to La Cocina de Pepina and indulge!!






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