Week of Sept22

I loved last week!
Since Anthony was out of town over the weekend, I had committed to a few different events than usual!

Saturday, I went to see my friend Martha dance in a comparsa. It was an hour long dance performance including traditional yet also modern dance. I truly enjoyed myself!

<br />



Sunday, was international day of peace and all over the world, yoga practices were held in the name of peace. Together with Rocio, another Embassy spouse, I attended a practice in the park located just outside of the Old City.

Speaking of yoga, this cardio and weight junkie is practicing yoga, probably once a week! I take private lessons from my friend Fabiana and love the challenge I balance, core and relaxation. I’ve more or less mastered the headstand (I’m obsessed!!) and am venturing toward lizard and hopefully, someday, a handstand.


I did teach a little at the gym and since I was up early one morning, capture some amazing sunrise pictures.

Friday brought another outing for the “ladies who lunch”: La Cocina de Pepina was on the docket. We had read about it in a recent New York Times article and weren’t disappointed.



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