Happy (tourist) in Cuzco

Day two in Cuzco, armed with “the” camera, a map and a vague idea of what to do, we headed out into the streets of Cuzco.
First stop: San Blas. We walked through the tiny streets, up stairs and reached Templo San Blas mi fortunately, yet understandably, you’re not allowed to take pictures. We toured the church via audio tour, and loved learning about the history of the church, the paintings, the altars, etc. We definitely learned and noticed details,meds wouldn’t have otherwise.


We continued our walk through Cuzco’s Old City and visited the Inka Museum. We decided not to get a guide, but listened to other groups and wandered the exhibition halls. The museum provides a great insight into the history of Peru as well as Machu Picchu, its ruins/history and discovery in 1911.

We decided to visit the cathedral before lunch and opted again for the audio tour. The variety of chapels, altars and art is fascinating and again, we would have missed many details, including the guinea pig featured in a piece of art of the “last supper” to ensure the people of Cuzco would be able to recognize the importance of the painting (genius!!!) and identify with it.

Off to lunch we went: Jardin Secreto, a small restaurant we had seen the previous day.




We decided on the menu of the day for $3.50 per person. I can’t truly explain what we ate, take a wild guess, but it was worth every penny.

We ended the day at the Museum for religious art. We opted for a guide versus audio tour, which was a bit of a mistake…but since we had bought the “religious circuit” ticket (entrance to several churches, museums), it wasn’t a totally lost cause…I just wish the guide had been more interested in explanations versus looking at his cell phone to ensure we got through in under 20min.

A definite highlight was our dinner experience at Incanto.
Amazing food, great service and 5′ from our hotel!!










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