There’s a first for everything…

Well, a little over after our one year anniversary in Cartagena, I made my first experience with a doctor and the Colombian (or Cartagena) way of medical services.
Due to some topical dermatitis (we think!), I ended up at the dermatologist’s office. After some small talk and a 3-4 min. consultation I left with a prescription for four different products ranging from thermal water, tablets and a shot. Yes, a shot! I filled the prescriptions at two different pharmacies and went home to self administer (thank you, husband man) the shot.

Who would have thought, that living in Colombia would include having your husband administer a steroid shot?!


To tripadvisor or not?

Having worked in the hotel industry and being measured among the competition and within Loews Hotels by tripadvisor ratings, I never had felt compelled to write reviews. But since I’ve got the time, love this city and have learned to use this tool to my advantage, I’ve become a contributor.
Having been in the hotel and service industry for so long, I find myself being a generous contributor, I rather contact the restaurant personally if there is room for improvement.

Here’s the link to my contributions…

Rearview mirror: week of January 25th


The Virgin Candelaria is the patron for Cartagena. Sitting above the city on la Popa, she overlooks the city. Cartagena celebrates her the Sunday before February 2nd. A horse procession “la cabalgata” from Boca Grande to the old city start the celebrations on Saturday, which continue into the night at the foot of La Popa and then on Sunday at the monetary.
Together with a few local friends, we ventured out to San Martin to watch the show and drink Mimosas.





Earlier in the week, I went to Cono Gourmet, a restaurant in the Old City serving everything in a cone. The drinks (spearmint and carrot juice) were as delicious as our cones and the atmosphere of the little restaurant is very inviting. Additionally, I loved my time with my friend Sandra.




Healing the Children

Just like last year, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few hours at Casa del Niño here in Cartagena, volunteering while AMERICAN doctors from the organization “Healing the children” are in Cartagena. The medical staff performs cleft and palate surgeries, but also removes scars in order to give burn victims their mobility back and removes extra digits (fingers) from kids born with that.
These few days are some of my favorite days in Cartagena. It’s rewarding, humbling and gratifying and it definitely puts our first world problems into perspective.
This year’s team is on Facebook: — like, share, support!

Casa del niño is located in a barrio near Bazurto Market, from where we live maybe 5-6 miles. The hospital is stunning, providing medical attention to some of Cartagena’s poorest. Both Anthony and I hope to find a way to give back more in 2015 and volunteer once a month at this hospital.