February 2015

pictures are (almost always) worth more than 1,000 words. Here’s a summary of February 2015!

 Impressions of CTG and dinner at Salou…

Dinner at Bacco Trattoria & volunteering at Casa del Niños  

Weekend get-away and a dear friend’s little daughter    

Coffe impressions and my dear Colombian friends



Plastic or cosmetic surgery

Obviously, there are many different opinions around about this topic. I’m not going to discuss what my thoughts are, but share my experience from my small procedure, which I had here in Cartagena a few days ago. 

For several years, I have been struggling with the bags under my eyes. Yes, I wear glasses and it’s not all that visible, but on many occasions did I not use contacts and decided to forego comfort and/or ease of contacts since I felt selfconcious about the way I looked, how tired (old?!) I appeared due to these bags. 

After thinking about this surgery for a while and discussing it with husband man, off to my first appointment I went. Carolina is a friend of ours and her and her husband “are” Premium Care Plastic Surgery and I had no hesitations trusting them with my procedure. 

Three days ago, I had fat and excessive skin removed from my problem area and started the road to recovery. I’m a difficult patient, I don’t have patience, I prefer to explore versus being at home, but to ensure the results I want, I haven’t had a choice but follow the medication and icing schedule. 

The recovery is rather easy, yes there’s swelling, yes there’s bruising, but in my case, it’s been basically pain-free (insert happy dance here). 

I can’t thank Carolina enough, her guidance has been fantastic and I wouldn’t think twice about recommending her. Additionally, there’s all supportive husband man, who yet again stood by my side and took care of me and supported me wanting this 100%. 

Here are some progress shots…

 Why I did whatI did..