Mitad del Mundo

2000 years ago, the indigenous people of what’s Ecuador today, knew there was something special about the Quito (center of the Earth) area. 

1736, a French expedition established the equator line, which was reassured with modern day technology (difference is only 141 meters)

Sun solstice: no shadow can be seen for a few minutes 

Sun equinox: sun will be exactly above the equator. 

6 months of the year, the sun can be seen in the southern respectively northern skies. Stars of both skies can therefore be seen near the equator line. 



made a national park in 1975

Cotopaxi means “neck of the moon”

2nd highest peak in Ecuador with 5,800 meter above sea level

After Galapagos, the most visited park in Ecuador

68 volcanos, 8 active ones in Ecuador

Quito facts

Qui = Center/Middle

To = Earth

Quito = Center of the Earth


Inka influence only lasted 30 years, arrival of the Spanish ended that. Inkas came from the further south Cusco looking for the center of Earth. 


How to attract the original inhabitants of Quito into Catholic Churches? Ensure there’s a sun, Init, the God of the Inkas is present in most churches. 


Panecillo got its name since it’s shaped like a small bread (hence PANecillo)


Superstition: if the basilica is finished, so is our time on earth, hence, continuous work at the basilica!